How It Works (Please Read First!)

How It Works


How It Works For Sellers


We want all of our vendors to be successful in selling to local customers so we want to walk through how selling works and some best practices.


Your Store


Upon registration as a vendor, a store will be automatically generated for you, enabling you to effectively manage and exhibit your listings to potential customers. Customers can access your store by clicking on any of your listings or by selecting "local shops" from the home screen. It is essential that all your information, including contact details, is kept current and up to date.



We prioritize transparency and clarity in product descriptions to enhance the shopping experience for our customers. When creating a description for your product or service, please adhere to the following guidelines:


Provide Comprehensive Information: It is imperative to furnish detailed information about your product or service. Ensure that potential customers have a thorough understanding of what they are purchasing.


No Information Overload: There's no such thing as providing too much information. The more details you provide, the more comfortable customers will feel about making a purchase. Aim to leave no room for ambiguity or uncertainty.


Minimize Customer Queries: Strive to preemptively address all potential questions or concerns within your description. By doing so, you can minimize the need for customers to reach out for further clarification.


Draw Inspiration: Take cues from established online marketplaces like Amazon or Walmart. Analyze how descriptions for similar products are crafted to gain insights and refine your own approach.


Be Honest and Accurate: Maintain integrity by ensuring that your descriptions are truthful and precise. Misleading information can lead to dissatisfaction and erode trust with customers leading to disputes and returns.


These guidelines can help you create compelling and informative descriptions that empower customers to make confident purchasing decisions. And always remember, clarity and honesty are the cornerstones of effective product descriptions.


Returns and Refunds


We prioritize creating a transparent and secure environment for both buyers and sellers. To ensure smooth transactions and minimize disputes, we require all sellers to adhere to the following guidelines regarding their return and refund policies:


Inclusion in Product Descriptions: It is essential to prominently feature your return and refund policy within the description of each product you list. This ensures that users are fully informed before making a purchase.


Storewide Policy Integration: Additionally, your return and refund policy must be clearly outlined in your store description. This provides users with a comprehensive understanding of your policies across all listed products.


Educational Approach: We aim to foster a positive and safe marketplace environment by educating buyers about return and refund procedures. This proactive approach reduces friction and minimizes unnecessary disputes.


Mandatory Requirement: A clearly defined return and refund policy is mandatory for all sellers. Failure to provide such a policy may result in SHOPSBUYLOCALS automatically siding with customers in return and refund disputes.


These guidelines can help sellers contribute to maintaining a fun and secure marketplace experience for all users. Clear communication of return and refund policies promotes trust and confidence in transactions, ultimately enhancing the overall shopping experience on our platform.

Image Presentation and Usage


In the realm of online commerce, the visual representation of yourself, your products, or the services you offer plays a pivotal role in shaping consumer perceptions. Put your best foot forward and allow the quality of your pictures to tell your story. To ensure an impactful and ethical presentation, please adhere to the following guidelines regarding image usage:


Optimize Visual Representation: Showcase your offerings in the best possible light by providing high-quality images. While professional photographs are recommended for optimal presentation, they are not mandatory.


Lighting Considerations: Prioritize capturing images in well-lit environments, preferably during daylight or in adequately illuminated rooms. Clear and well-lit images enhance visibility and detail.


Comprehensive Views: Present your items from various angles to offer potential buyers a thorough understanding. Including images of care or ingredient labels, where applicable, fosters transparency and trust.


Consider Contextual Imagery: Utilize images that depict the product in practical use or being modeled to provide context and aid visualization for potential buyers. These contextual images can significantly influence purchasing decisions.


Responsible Image Usage: Only incorporate images that you have personally taken or have obtained permission to use. Respect copyright and intellectual property rights by avoiding unauthorized image usage.


You can effectively showcase your offerings while upholding ethical standards in image usage. Remember, compelling visuals coupled with ethical practices contribute to a positive online shopping experience for both buyers and sellers.

Payment Processing and Distribution Policy


At SHOPSBUYLOCALS, we prioritize efficient and timely payment processing to facilitate smooth transactions between buyers and vendors. Please adhere to the following guidelines regarding payment processing and distribution:


Timely Payment Processing: Upon successful completion of payments by buyers, SHOPSBUYLOCALS commits to processing payments promptly. Payments will be initiated within 3 business days following the successful transaction.


Vendor Payment Distribution: Payments received from buyers will be distributed to vendors within the stipulated timeframe of 3 business days. This ensures that vendors receive their rightful earnings in a timely manner.


Payment Method: All payments to vendors will be made to the PayPal account on record. It is imperative for vendors to ensure that their PayPal account information is accurate and up to date to facilitate seamless payment transactions.


Delivery and Service Scheduling

To ensure prompt and reliable service to our customers, we have the following guidelines regarding product delivery and service scheduling:


Timely Fulfillment: All products must be delivered or services scheduled within 5 business days from the date of purchase or booking.


Communication Protocol: If additional time is required to fulfill orders or schedule services, sellers are required to communicate promptly with customers through the messaging systems provided on our platform.


Written Documentation: All arrangements made with customers for extended delivery or scheduling timelines must be documented in writing through our messaging systems. This ensures clarity and accountability for both parties.